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Chiparamba i Zambia

Som tidigare meddelat har Boo FF skickat ner tidigare modellens matchtröjor till bl.a. Chiparamba i Zambia. I slutet på förra veckan så kom det fram och lämnades ut till föreningens spelare. En intervju med några spelare kan ni se här.

Vi har fått ett tackbrev från Job Mwana som är klubbdirektör om hur gåva från Boo FF togs emot i Zambia.

200 Chiparamba young Players that came through to witness the drop-off of jerseys from BOO FF, could not hold their happiness but expressed joy to receive such a number of Jerseys our only first sisters Club. A team has been without a Jersey since 2006 whem Örgryte OIS Gothenburg donated 7 sets of Jersey to the academy. Since then, the academy has only relied on SKF Jersey which could only be realised when a team participates in Gothia Cup, even though the SKF Jersey was only for the bigger Boys And Girls as they were only 40 in number leaving all other age Groups without any training or actual Game Jersey. This Jersey from BOO FF has encouraged participation of young and bigger players to come for training and joining the academy as they all looking forward to put on BOO FF Jersey. Personally, Am so excited to have this tie with BOO FF Nacka, it is for this that I would like to thank BOO FF for considering us to be thier sister's /brother Club. I hope this reltionship will Creates opportunities for the players, Coaches and Staffs in an exchange program between the two Clubs. Chiparamba will be more than happy to welcome Coaches from BOO FF to come and train our coaches/ Staff on how we could improve soccer for the our young growing academy. Many Thanks Job Mwanza Operation director"

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